• 2018 Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii: Camp 2 Update

2018 Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii: Camp 2 Update

The Bloodlines under-17's have left and after a day of cleaning and airport runs, the Bloodlines Camp Week 2 has gotten underway with the under-15 crew.

The new group consists of four Australians in Josh Grange, Grayson Hinrichs, Jai Glindeman and Dakoda Walters - three Hawaiians in Ocean Macedo, Brodi Sale and Sammy Gray - one South African in Mitch duPreez - an East Coaster in Laird Meyers - and Luan Nogues from France.

The camp started with two good days of waves and with Shane Dorian leading the way by example - and calling the guys into a few, the guys were ripping with a couple of broken boards and a couple cuts and bruises from the reef. Sammy Gray got bounced off the reef pretty hard and in an abundance of caution, we ended up taking him to the hospital. The doctor gave Sammy an x-ray and after debating whether to give him any stitches in his elbow, decided against it since Sammy said he still planned to surf - and the doctor didn’t want him to get his cut infected.

After the waves died the next day, the crew entertained themselves with a surf contest, which was won by newcomer Jai Glindeman with a pair of barrels in the final that were as good as any barrels on offer that day.

The next day was flat, so the crew moved to the south shore where we borrowed boards from the Moniz crew and longboarded Queens and checked out Waikiki.

Camp is still underway and it looks like there might be a couple waves later in the week, so stay tuned for further adventures from the Bloodlines Camps!