• 2018 Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii: Camp 1 Wrap-Up

The Boys - Bloodlines Camp 1

That's a wrap for Bloodlines Camp week 1 - the under 16’s!

The boys got waves and took full advantage, charging & ripping all week. For each camp, we have an award ceremony on the last night where we crown our “Camp Champ.” This is a competition where all of the campers vote and decide the winners for nine categories and for the overall Camp Champ.

The awards were decided as follows:

  • Biggest Whinger - Tommy Coleman
  • Worst at Doing Chores – Jin Suzuki (although, with his limited English - we’re not sure that he understood what we were asking him to do!)
  • Biggest Snake - Eduardo Motta
  • Would Most Want to Travel With – Liam Murray
  • Funnest Person to Be Around - Lucas Vicente
  • Best Barrel - Ethan stocks
  • Hardest Charger - Lucas Vicente
  • Best Style - Kian Martin
  • Most Progressive - Eduardo Motta
  • And the overall Camp Champ: Lucas Vicente!

The boys are all packed up and on their way home now.

Meanwhile, Camp #2 – the under 15’s, is getting ready to start!

Stay tuned for further adventures from the 2018 Hawaii Bloodlines Camps and watch for our video clip coming out soon!