• 2018 Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii: Camp 2 Wrap-Up

2018 Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii: Camp 2 Wrap-Up

After the first few days of absolutely scoring, Camp 2 saw the forecast die down which meant it was time to break out the shortboards again and focus on their small wave game. No need to drive anywhere when you’re staying at a house on the beach at Off the Wall, all the kids found their own peak and hucked themselves over shallow reef with smiles on their faces.

On one of the last days, it was time to hit Waimea Bay for some rock jumps and diving. Backflips, front flips and gainers were on order for the day, as well as some cave diving and amazing snorkeling.

The final night all the awards were given out and were decided as follows:

  • Biggest Whinger - Sammy Gray
  • Worst at Doing Chores – Sammy Gray
  • Biggest Snake - Laird Myers
  • Person You Would Most Want to Travel With – Brodi Sale
  • Funnest Person - Sammy Gray
  • Best Barrel - Brodi Sale
  • Hardest Charger - Sammy Gray
  • Best Style - Jai Glindeman
  • Most Progressive - Brodi Sale

...and the overall winner of Bloodlines Camp 2: Jai Glindeman!

Stay tuned for further adventures from the 2018 Hawaii Bloodlines Camps and watch for our video clip coming out soon!