• 5 million bottles you won't see floating in the ocean

You might not know that there is a rubbish pit floating in the pacific ocean between California and the Hawaiian Islands that is twice as big as texas and weighs three million tonnes. It is the largest deposit of rubbish in the world and is held in place by swirling ocean currents, made up mainly of plastic bags, bottles and other discarded textiles.

The good news is, we just did the audit on our recycled boardies (made from PET bottles) and so far Billabong has saved 5 million bottles from going to waste. You can support this innitiative by wearing boardshorts made from recycled materials.

Some of the Summer 09 Eco Boardies

Summer 09

Hi Summer 08 Boardies
Hi Summer 08

Summer 08 Boardies...
Summer 08

Winter 08
winter 08

Billabong's first recycled boardies Hi Summer 07

Hi Summer 07