• 5 Questions with Lucas Beaufort

5 Questions with Lucas Beaufort

Lucas Beaufort is a 34 year old artist from Cannes, France who draws his inspiration from the world of his childhood. His art is nourished by his old nightmares and a passion for skateboarding. He paints childlike monsters and creatures which are then overlaid and integrated into photographs from the world of action sports. It is a unique collision of art and photography, his skate rat dreams feeding new ideas as he travels the world looking for inspiration.

Billabong: What was the inspiration for your capsule collection with us?

Lucas Beaufort: In this collection I wanted to stay honest with my art and keep doing my concept of painting on print photo. My inspiration in this collection is coming from the ocean and my love for it. I wanted to spread bright colors because that makes my creatures happy. I think they really feel good with us. I always want to spread the integrity and love for each other.

Billabong: How did this partnership happen and what makes it special?

LB: I’ve always been inspired by Billabong since I was a kid. I’d been contacted buy Billabong Europe last year to design a collection and it was so natural and easy to work with the boys that designing the new collection for the US a year later was a no brainer.

Billabong: What's your favorite piece from your collection?

LB: With no doubt the one with the dudes chilling at the beach. I really feel this one, the picture is sick and my monsters are checking the waves.

Billabong: If you had to describe your art in one word, what would it be?

LB: My style is simple and I love it. For me, there are no rules in art and [going to] school is not the only way to learn it. I’ve learned it by myself and through all my travels. My monsters slept in my mind for 26 years and one day they came out of my head. They are now living with us in our world to spread the love and happiness.

Billabong: What's inspiring you at the moment?

LB: Everything is inspiring me. Music is a big one, because I can't paint without it. I really love Beach House, Arcade Fire, Dan Deacon, David Bazan, Patrick Watson. Movies are also really special for me. Her from Spike Jonze blew my mind but recently Lost River too (directed by Ryan Gosling).

Follow Lucas on Instagram @lucas_beaufort or visit him online at www.lucasbeaufort.com.

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