• 6 foot and On Again

"4-6 foot....on again" was the txt i woke up to today, i dropped the phone and said to myself "f#ck me, not again"....yeah you heard right, after over a week of no stop waves I'm done,.... walking like a bashed crab, eyes resembling someone who's been punching bongs day in day out.... I'm ready to wave the white flag..... I'm done.

I've attached a few pics for the past week from a local reef, and d-bah...However i wont lie, the past few days have been mental out Kirra, so stayed tuned for some pics and a vid clip from the past few days..... I've had my hands full around here, so lay off and wait it out people. Keep your eyeballs peeled... I reckon I will have some stuff for you Wednesday...


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