• 9 Things You Didn't Know About Andy Warhol

9 Things You Didn't Know About Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is one of the world's most prolific artists and we're pretty sure that you've heard his name (you were paying attention in school, right?). Even if you don't know his art from Basquiat or Picasso, you've for sure seen his work. That banana on The Velvet Underground album cover? Warhol. The neon soup cans? Warhol. Hopefully that jogs your memory and now that you know the work, get to know the man with 9 random facts about one of the most important American artists of all time, Andy Warhol.

1. Warhol's rebellious spirit and attraction to non-conformists led him to southern California in 1968 where he spent two weeks filming surfers as part of his rarely seen underground film San Diego Surf.

2. Warhol carried a portable recorder with him wherever he went, taping everything everybody said and did. He referred to this device as his ‘wife.'

3. In 1968 the FBI opened an investigation and followed Warhol for possible interstate transportation of obscene matter while making a film. No charges ever filed.

4. Over five decades before the launch of Instagram, Warhol created a visual diary of his daily life using his Polaroid and point and shoot cameras to the extent where he shot an average of one roll of film a day for over a decade.

5. Andy’s first movie was titled ‘Sleep’. The movie was 321 minutes long and featured his friend sleeping.

6. From 1985-1987 Warhol hosted ‘Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes,' the first reality television show ever on MTV.

7. His actual name was Andy Warhola. He dropped the ‘a’ when he moved to New York.

8. Warhol produced and recorded the debut album cover of The Velvet Underground. He designed the album cover featuring his iconic Banana screenprint and is widely recognized as one of the most iconic albums in rock music history.

9. In 1962, Warhol had his first solo artist show in Los Angeles where he exhibited his most iconic artwork, 32 Campbell Soup Cans.

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