• A Bikini Kinda Life with Leila Dee Thomas

A Bikini Kinda Life with Leila Dee Thomas

This Bikini Kinda Lifeis a dreamer’s life, and we are the dreamers…

During the month of March we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite dreamers from around the world. This week we caught up with one of our Hawaiian favorites, Leila Thomas. Read her Q&A about what it’s like working with friends like @BrooklynHawaii, her beauty secrets and more…

3 words to describe to yourself…

It’s hard to choose three words to describe myself haha, but I think my family would describe me as spirited, empathetic and uninhibited.

How do your passions allow you to live #aBikiniKindaLife!

My passion for freedom and love for the ocean are what guides me to live #aBikiniKindaLife. I think if you discover the things that really mean the most to you and you make them a top priority in your every day, then you will live a fulfilling life.

Short board or longboard?

Longboard. I grew up watching my friend Sister (Kelia) surf on a longboard in Waikiki. She has always been the most graceful surfer in the line up. For me, watching a good long boarder is like watching a ballet.

When did you start surfing, what draws you back?

I started surfing when I was 3 or 4. My dad would take me to baby queens in Waikiki and I would cling onto the front of his longboard as we would tandem ankle high waves. Ever since I’ve been hooked. Like anything you really love, spending time in the ocean for me is therapeutic.

Where do you call home? Is that where you’re also from?

I feel really lucky to call the north shore on Oahu home. My moms family has always live in Manoa Valley, even before Waikiki was built or the island even had cars. It feels surreal to be able to live on the island that they once knew as home.

One piece or bikini?

Usually bikini. But let’s be honest, sometimes us ladies want a little more coverage and the one piece will do the trick.

If you had to pick just one swimsuit and it was the only swimsuit you could live this #aBikiniKindaLife in – which would it be and why (choose from what had been sent)?

I would choose the Tanlines One Piece to wear every day for the rest of eternity because I love the extra coverage in front for while I’m surfing and then the low dip back to add a little surprise!

What’s your beauty routine look like? Any secrets?

Coconut oil is for me the key to hydrated skin no matter the weather. Sun or snow, dry or humid I think it’s the biggest must have. And AIMHI products made by Aunty Betty, a local on the North Shore. She makes all organic homemade products that leaves skin so clear and happy

What is ideal ‘day off’ day!

An ideal day off would be an early start. Waking up to a nice morning coffee and scoring perfect waves at the waves right in front of my house. Maybe some avocado toast? Then spending the rest of the day in and out of the water with my friends and family.

What’s it like working with one of your besties, like @BrooklynHawaii? How do you balance work and friends?

One of the greatest pleasures in my job is when I get to work with people like Brooklyn or other friends! Everything is so natural. We call each other up, say “when do you wanna hang and surf?” And once the waves look good, we’re out there. It’s no different than that we’d normally do on a day off and that’s the best, when work feels like play.

Any island life insider tidbits worth sharing to girls looking to island hop in Hawaii?

Island life tips, relax. Don’t worry about photos. Don’t worry about Instagram or social media. Don’t worry about documenting. Be kind to everyone that you meet along your way and respect the land and the locals. Get out there and hang loose!

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