• A Bikini Kinda Life with Maddy Relph

A Bikini Kinda Life with Maddy Relph

Tell us about yourself...

My childhood was spent in the northern beaches, I have 5 sisters (always wanted a brother) but was pretty much the boy of the family. As soon as school finished I took off and never really went back, I would work 3 jobs, 7 days a week to save my money to travel.

Traveling has always been something I have been passionate about, finding those untouched places off the beaten track.

I’ve done 3 snow seasons and can never stay in one place for too long but for two years now I’ve found myself in Bali with my 3 dogs (Pitbull, frenchie, and a bali dog who turned up very unwell at our doorstep), my boyfriend and I now run a tattoo/art gallery (Azumi Studio) and starting a few other projects so we can continue to travel and live our life by the sea.

3 words to describe yourself

Hyperactive goof, dog lover, never settled

Your favorite swim from the lineup and why?

The black Love Bound Tank Bikini Top and the Love Bound Hawaii Lo Bikini Bottom, super classic and minimal.

Running out the house, what can’t you leave without?

My pig - little zumi

Planning your next trip, where are you dreaming to go?

Anywhere I haven’t been before! I’m desperate to have that sensory overload of a far and foreign place. Only scraped the surface of Africa and South America, I will get back to them soon.

15 year old you wants advice, what do you tell her?

Don’t live in the past or stress about the future, enjoy the now and don’t rush.

Tell us what’s the best part about living #aBikiniKindaLife ?

The endless warm weather! I will only go be in cold weather if there is snowboarding involved ;)

Where do you hail from originally?

I grew up in the Northern beaches based in Narrabeen, always close to the ocean :)

Any hometown hotspots for girls looking for an insiders guide to both Bali and Sydney?

When friends come to visit in Sydney I generally take them straight to Palm Beach lighthouse headland walk to see the view of the peninsula, followed by some delicious food and wave watching in Avalon.

Bali/Indonesia has endless exploration to be done, I haven’t covered even 10%. I will always send friends to check out some waterfalls and monkeys in Ubud, head down to Uluwatu for the beautiful cliff views and crystal blue water, if they have spare days to jump over to Nusa Lembongan for some snorkelling and a little more of an island life feel. Endless restaurants and sunsets to see!

What’s your guilty pleasure playlist…

A good mix of

Kendrick Lamar

Terrell Morris

Willow smith

Anderson paak

Illa J

Sango/ xaiver Omar

Yuma x



Mac Ayres

The internet


Bon iver

A fun fact most people don’t know about you?

So a major skill of mine is pinching people with my toes..

What’s next on your #aBikiniKindaLife buck list?

I’ve always wanted to swim with the sharks in Bora Bora :)

Favorite place you have ever been?

I think Tanzania would have to be up there. Doing a safari and camping, seeing those magical animals in their natural environment made me so happy.

Embarrassing beach story, or story in general?

I generally can look like the crazy dog lady down the beach. One of my dogs gets over excited and one day I trusted her to let her off the lead. That followed with an hour of running up and down the beach trying to catch her, bursting kids blow up beach toys, play tackling unsuspecting dogs, me trying to snatch her whilst trying to keep my bikini all in place.. not the best scene. Ended with me sitting in tears and her coming up to see if I was ok, for me to snatch her and put her on the lead. No treats for her that day...

What would you say is your spirit animal?

I’ve always loved dolphins they seem to always be up for a good time!

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