• A Bikini Kinda Life with Marina Alonso

Where do you originally come from?

I was born on the southeastern coast of Spain, in a Mediterranean town near Valencia.

Throughout my life I moved to the UK, Italy, South Korea, South Africa and France. However The Balearic Islands and Valencia is where I grew up and what I call home.

You now live near Byron, what’s a typical day look like for you?

I don’t really have a routine other than early coffee in Bruns. My work is pretty much my passion so I’d either be editing a project or planning the next one and often that can be done at the beach. A good fun day in the bay must have surf though!

You have a clear love for the ocean and coastal lifestyle, does this stem from your childhood?

I would say so. Our culture has romanticized the Mediterranean Sea since I can remember.

Sundays were to sail around la Costa Blanca and return in time to my nana’s villa to eat paella. Sailing is my family and friends’ biggest passion, I grew up building model boats with my father and there’s no day I don’t daydream of having my own boat here. I often imagine how my father would have loved Australia’s surfing culture.

Where does your passion for photography and content come from?

It comes from quite early in the days! I started buying high fashion mags like i-D or Dazed & Confused when I was 12. Following my dad’s loss this turned to be my coping mechanism. Becoming a model was the shortest path to be part of that creative chain and travel the world. At 14 I was already colour grading and I would soon start to assist and edit for photographers I had worked with. At 20, Vogue Spain trusted my vision and it paved the way for me to establish myself with other magazines and brands. From that time I started using my name behind my projects and here I am now!