• Aloha Dayz wraps up on the Sunny Coast

The Sunny Coast was the final leg of this year's Aloha Dayz! Bec Ronald & Wade Goodall came along for the ride...

Rush Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay 1
Hervey Bay 2
Hervey Bay 3
Hervey Bay 4
Hervey Bay 5
Suburban Surf Warana

Suburban Warani 1
Suburban Warani 2
Suburban Warani 3
Suburban Warani 4
Beach Beat Alexandra Headland
Beach Beat 1
Beach Beat 2
Beach Beat 3
Beach Beat 4
Bluelines Coolum
Blue Lines 1
Blue Lines 2
Blue Lines 3
Blue Lines 4
Blue Lines 5
Thanks to everyone who came down to visit us on this Aloha Dayze road trip - lots of prizes were given away & most of all, it was a lot of fun!

See you next time! Aloha!