• Aloha Oahu: Elle Ferguson

Aloha Oahu: Elle Ferguson

When we think of Hawaii and what it means to us we think of ‘live aloha’- this sweet unwritten book of wisdom represents the sunsets at Ehukai Beach and Turtle Bay, the tan lines and tired eyes after long sessions at pipe and throwing a ‘shaka’ instead of waving. It calls out the pick-up trucks with surfboards peeking from the trays and a small hula girl bobbling on the dash board, the surf checks at Velzyland and early morning acai bowls in Haleiwa.

It’s a shout out to the lifestyle we found really damn hard to say goodbye to when it was time to board the plane back to Aus, lifting off the tarmac had never been so hard. So that we could relive these memories over and over, Lady Slider took a few snaps of our sea sister Elle Ferguson and her time with the Billabong family in Hawaii. Until next time Oahu…