• Aloha Oahu: Through the lens of Josie Clough

Aloha Oahu: Through the lens of Josie Clough

We aren’t wanting to let our time in Hawaii go just yet so we’ve got one more tale for you. Our good pal and seasoned photographer, Josie Clough from It’s Now Cool, spent some time with us on the North Shore, so play we did. Although the weather wasn’t too keen on cooperating with us for this shoot, it held off just long enough for Clough to capture some breathtaking (literally) imagery of our very own Josie Prendergast. We stood aside as Josie P and Josie C worked the shoreline, snapping here and posing there. JC was also kind enough to let us pick her brain on all things photography and travel…

Where are you from?

I am originally from Perth Western Australia, I moved to Bondi Beach Sydney about 4 years ago!

When did you learn you had a passion for photography?

After finishing a commerce degree at university I completely changed my direction and wanted to pursue something more creative. I had a passion for photography and it pretty much went from there when all I wanted to do was take photos of everything! It became a full time career when I moved to Sydney and signed with an agency over here.

Career highlights to date?

Definitely shooting for Sports Illustrated Swim edition on the beautiful island of Anguilla ally remember it all!!

Who planted the INC x Billabong seed?

We wanted to introduce a cult surf designer to our audience and create something special that resonates with the surf culture of the 90’s. Our first inspiration was Billabong. It is such an iconic surf label and represents that lifestyle so well it felt like the right fit!

What was your favorite part of the trip to Hawaii with the Billabong team?

The time in Hawaii was amazing! The development of the collaboration was so organic and felt so genuine working on idea’s in the birth place of surf in Hawaii – the energy and overall feeling of the place was actually my favorite part to experience! The party at the Billabong house on Pipeline also was an insane amount of fun and the acai bowls from Haleiwa the morning after were the best!

Fave things about Hawaii?

Obviously the beaches! The people are incredibly kind and happy which was amazing! The earlier this year. It was such an incredible experience; the team was amazing, the location was insane and the whole week just felt like a dream!

What is your first memory of Billabong?

I grew up on the coast of West Aus and Billabong was such a big part of the surf and beach culture growing up. The surf competitions, t-shirts, I reauthenticity of the North Shore and the beautiful countryside. Oh and the acai bowls and food trucks are the best!!

Your top travel essentials

1. A camera!

2. A bikini

3. Good pair of earphones

4. A great book

5. Aloe Vera

How would you describe your photographic style?

90’s, sexy, fun, vibrant, bold and hopefully unique!

Any advice for aspiring photographers and creatives out there?

Find the style and area you love and really try and own that space and be confident in that zone! Have fun and not take it all too seriously – being able to be a creative for a living is exceptionally lucky and so you must appreciate that, be kind to everyone you meet and work super super hard!