• Aloha Oahu: Wandering around Hale'iwa

Aloha Oahu: Wandering around Hale'iwa

It is day two on the North Shore and Malia Murphey is showing Elyse Knowles around her stomping ground (Malia’s got plenty of street cred in these parts). Along the Kamehameha Highway they wind, first stop is Haleiwa Bowls of course, wouldn’t start the day any other way. Malia directs the crew along Haleiwa Rd to the beach park, outriggers are scattered along the shore and the palm trees stand tall as tall can be. They skate through the streets of town and onto Brew and Foam for a coffee stop (it is a delicious brew by the way). Malia knows the place like the back of her hand and her giggles hint she is excited to show Elyse the place she calls home. Its quaint, historical and beautiful. They make their way out to the Waialua Sugar Mill and sip on a fresh juice to end the day, a day in p-a-r-a-d-i-s-e. It is clear to us that for Malia, home is where the heart is, on the North Shore of Oahu.