• An artist in the making..

Here Felicity shares with us some of her art pieces and talks about the inspiration behind them.


The Whales

I did this for a friend - The Billabong Team Manager from the US - Megan Villa. It's really big maybe 1.5 metres long. I showed her some of my work and she really liked it so I said that I would send her something in the mail. Then every time I would see her she would ask me why it hasn't come yet and I would say "Oh it's just taking a really long time to finish". Then about a year passed and I still hadn't sent it to her and this message pops up on my Facebook saying ''Ummm, Where is my art from you? You are lagging!!! You can bring it to Hawaii with you if you remember :), or I guess you can give it to my grandkids because that is when you will probably finally remember!! hee hee" I read it and laughed so I kicked myself into gear and finished this master piece! Haha! We had a global training camp in Hawaii at the start of this year so I rolled it up and took it with me. I finally gave it to her and it was such a good feeling! I hope that she liked it!!!


The Wave

This is on my favourite board at the moment! I really love to draw on my boards. I could sit there for hours and just doodle. When I start I never want to stop and it's great because I forget about everything and just channel all of my energy into it and most of it is positive so I turn out with something that I am really happy with! I always use spray paint though and this time I wanted to try something else. So I used my posca pens (sort of like paint brushes) and this what I came up with. I quite like it, it sort of reminds me of ying and yang. I really like the colours.


Black and White

This one was done using an art line pen in Newcastle earlier this year. Most of my art work is usually positive but I think that this one might be one of the first 'dark' pieces that I've done. I actually love the way that it turned out though. I liked it so much that I ended up putting this onto one of my new boards. It sort of looks like this person has had a brain explosion haha! Maybe an information overload or just too many things are going on and everything has exploded! I'm not really sure... Someone else could look at this though and think about it in a positive way, I guess everyone interprets art in a different way and that is why it is so great!

More pieces


Turtle 2

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