After two days of incontestable conditions everyone and their best friend was eager to get Round 1 of the Billabong Pipe Masters started. And fortunately, we awoke to beautiful Pipeline conditions: a 6 - 8 foot NNW - WNW combo swell paired with light trades was providing both Backdoor and traditional Pipe options.

Before anyone could finish their first coffee of the morning the contest was called ON. In the Trials Finals Reef McIntosh bagged a Backdoor beauty en route to victory and a shot at the Pipe Masters crown. Makai McNamara advanced alongside Reef into the main event thanks to his 2nd place finish, Jamie O'Brien followed in 3rd and Hank Gaskell in 4th.

By the end of the Day 15 Heats were surfed: the Trials Finals, Round 1, The Women's Pipe Invitational and the Heritage Heat. It was a day of lots of barrels, upsets, wipeouts, and a lot of mindsurfing.

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