Following an epic 700km ocean odyssey tracing the trail of migrating humpback whales from Byron Bay, the group of anti-whaling environmental campaigners led by professional free-surfer and activist Dave Rastovich (Brunswick Heads, NSW) is on track to culminate at Bondi Beach this Thursday at 11am.

An invitation is extended to media and the public wishing to participate in the finale of the 36-day adventure dubbed 'Transparentsea'.

It is anticipated that hundreds of supporters will escort Rastovich, musician Will Conner (Byron Bay, NSW), surfer/artist Chris Del Moro (Sand Diego, USA) and photographer Hilton Dawe (Byron Bay, NSW) as they negotiate their trimaran sea kayaks, the last few hundred metres to shore.

Following their safe arrival, the Transparentsea team will share the experiences of their epic adventure, which includes an untold number of encounters with whales, dolphins and other marine life, plus visits to many of Australia's East Coast's secluded, yet polluted beaches, that began on October 1st.

The paddle-out is being coordinated with the assistance of the Bondi Lifeguards and is open to any able-bodied person with a board that floats!

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is also assisting with the placement of a large 5m sculpture of a Minke whale that features a harpoon through its head adorned by a small Japanese flag.

Says Rastovich: 'The primary intention of our journey has been to highlight the plight of whales that are destined for the Southern Ocean and the inevitable visits by Japanese whaling fleets. As surfers, we have a direct connection with these amazing creatures and during the past 30 days, we've had the fortune of interacting with them, almost on a daily basis.

'Now we are calling on people to show their support and to join us in putting pressure on the Australian Government, lead by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and our Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett, to uphold their pre-election promise to challenge Japanese whaling in international court and to protect the Southern Ocean sanctuary.'

Photo and interview opportunities will be available for media wishing to cover this unique event. In addition a full press release, rights free pictures and a television newsfeed will be distributed later in the day.

Where: Central Bondi Beach, Rescue Tower.
When: meet 10:00am for 11:00am paddle
Who: Any able-bodied person with a board that floats!
Media: 10:30 11:30am

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For more info, please see the links below, or contact:
Media contact: jj@premiummedia.com.au
Mobile: +61 (0) 421 384 431

About Transparentsea:
The primary intention of the Transparentsea journey is to draw attention to the plight of the migrating whales that ultimately are destined for the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean and the inevitable visits by Japanese whaling fleets.
In addition, the Transparentsea team will record and highlight other areas of environmental concern including the effects of the commercial fishing industry on marine mammals and fish stocks; run-off issues to do with agricultural, domestic and industrial human activities; the state of rivers and estuaries; and where necessary they will also initiate beach clean-ups.

An additional kayak is available for media and special guests. Please contact JJ@premiummedia.com.au
Transparentsea is possible thanks the support of Surfrider Foundation, Surfers for Cetaceans, Billabong, Go Pro Water Proof Cameras and Fast Lane Sailing (CA, USA).

Friends of:
www.SurfersForCetaceans.com, www.seashepherd.org, www.surfrider.org.au, www.oceancare.org.au, www.RemoveSharkNets.com , www.SaveJapanDolphins.org, www.TheCoveMovie.com,

Dave Rastovich:
Dave Rastovich is a former World Junior surfing champion and world-renowned free-surfer. In 2006 'Rasta' co-founded the 'Surfers for Cetaceans' movement. In July this year Rasta was granted one of just 200 invitations to attend former US Vice President Al Gore's The Climate Project Asia-Pacific Summit. http://www.billabong.com/au/team-rider/surf/17/rasta

Chris Del Moro:
Chris has had 'an excited butterfly-type feeling' about this test of endurance and surf trip of a lifetime! The Californian artist and free-surfer is co-director of the Surfers for Cetaceans organisation and traveled with Rasta to Chile (2008) and Portugal (2009) to attend the IWC (International Whaling Convention). www.collecticlife.com

Will Conner:
Will has just finished his 3rd album 'You Make Me Sing' due to release early 2010 featuring guests JJ Grey from MOFRO and G. Love. Having accepting Rasta's invitation, Will stated: 'I am offering help in the form of musical entertainment, and I am now the proud owner of a yellow Ukulele and plan on annoying everyone including the whales for 36 days straight!' www.willconner.com

Hilton Dawe:
Hilton is regarded among the world's best water photographers. His forte' is professional surfing and his numerous trips around the globe have taken him to all the major professional events and to the farthest, most exotic locale's. When the big sets of Hawaii's Pipeline catch him out, he takes a breath, swims to the bottom, and holds on to the reef to escape the ocean's wrath.