Felicity Palmateer is a busy girl, between travelling around the world and competing on the ASP Womens star series she find the time to create beautiful works of art. Here she talks about her most recent pieces and where she finds her inspiration...

What have you been up to recently?

This year I have been traveling around Australia, Europe, Peru and America competing full time on the ASP Women's Star Series trying to qualify for the Women's World Tour. I have finished one spot shy of qualification for the last two years and this year was not far off once again. At the back end of this year i was, road tripping with friends through France, Spain and Portugal competing in the last of the star events where i achieved my best results with two 5ths and a 3rd. It was really exciting to experience new cultures and since being home ive been infusing that influence into my art, through photos and memories of my travels. I've also been exploring a few different techniques with inks to try and broaden my art and improve my skills.

Tell us about your art?

I mostly paint in inks and watercolours and I draw a lot of my inspiration from the ocean. Whales are my favorite things to paint. They are so beautiful and graceful the way they glide through the sea. I love the fluidity in their movement through the water and I think that transcends into the way I use my inks and watercolours.


Mediums and materials used?

My favourite mediums to use are definitely inks and watercolours because I feel most comfortable using them, but my Dad is really skilled in pottery and lately I've been experimenting with clay and finding ways to bring my ocean influences to ceramic pieces.

A few years ago I made about six plaster casts of the patterns in the sand at a local beach just down the road from my house. I mixed the plaster at the beach using sea water and then gently poured it over the sand in such a way that it would create a montage of individual moulds. The plaster set really quickly and in no time I had six nice little moulds of beach sand.

So four years on I used these moulds as inspiration for texture on the mugs I made...



Where does your inspiration come from?

Most of my inspiration comes from the ocean and I use watercolours and inks because I think they best translate the fluidity of the ocean onto the paper. After a bit of practice I now like to use ceramics. I found working with clay incredibly hard at the start but once I got the hang of it I enjoyed making the mugs. The effect of the sand and the ocean turned out really well.

I also draw a lot of inspiration from surfing. When you think about it surfing and art go hand in hand, surfers are constantly drawing different lines on a wave depending on what the waves is asking for. The wave is like the canvas and you are the painter free to do what ever you like. No-one can tell you what do and in that moment that wave is your piece of art. It's very creative and really interesting to watch other people draw different lines to the ones you would have drawn on a wave.

What are you working on now?

Right now I'm trying to expand my knowledge of inks and watercolours. Trying different techniques and seeing how it responds. So I've been painting lots of small pieces to gain more experience faster. I still paint bigger pieces but now i think they turn out better because I have more skills with inks and watercolours. I've also been thinking about setting up a website so it's easier for people to view my work and easier for me to sell.

I have also always wanted to have an exhibition. Maybe one day when I'm home and have a big enough body of work with both inks and ceramic pieces I will have an exhibition.


What other ways do you like to get creative?

I love to take photos and surfing gives me the opportunity to travel the world and see the wonderful things it has to offer. I also like to collect little trinkets from my travels like shells or metro card's from the subway to remind me of the places ive been and the cool things ive seen and done. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these nostalgic pieces at the moment but I want to try and incorporate their essence into my art somehow.

Favourite colour?

My favourite colour would definitely have to be blue. I use it so much in all of my pieces because I'm so heavily influenced by the ocean.

Favourite artist?

My favourite artist would have to be my Dad. He was the one that brought home my first set of inks and ever since then has continually helped me to achieve my goals with my art.

My Dad has loved art his whole life and when he was 17 he decided that clay was his favourite medium to work with. He now works for a famous artist Pippen Drysdale who is known all over the world for her spectacular crafted porcelain vessels that are inspired by her love of the Australian landscape. My dad makes the form that evokes a timeless and breathtaking sense of space and place, then Pippen glazes them, giving them a unique colour and pattern.

He's an amazing surfer too and his passion and enthusiasm for the ocean and everything surfing related has been a huge influence over my life and like art, it's a great bond we share.

'SO IT GOES' is a short video that explores Felicitys thoughts and the bond she shares with her dad. Watch it here.