We’re celebrating the babes of Billabong. The girls of summer who have been the faces of our brand and shared many salty moments and adventures in the sunshine. Forever a part of the family and continuing to inspire us everyday, this is our tribute to the beauties who’ve lived a bikini kinda life with us…

Ashley Cheadle.

What have you been up to since Billabong?
Finished renovation of our humble house, my favourite thing is my compost though! I'm studying and we started the surfing boardriders in Culburra beach - we came 3rd in last year in Australia, Jay Quinn, and I started it with my brother from another mother Jason Moon. It’s something that we do for the community, I surf in it and work to keep it running. It’s about motivating other girls to give it a go, it's a young club that my dad originally ran but was never official back in the day so I was determined to get the Jays to team up and get it off the ground again and on paper! I've been doing wedding makeup for friends too which I love.

Best Billabong memory?
In Tahiti watching the contest after our photo shoot - we had a blast!

Where is home?
The South East coast of New South Wales, currently Culburra beach.

I’ll be spending summer…
at the beach daily and Surfing.

To me, living ‘a bikini Kinda Life’ means…
the feeling I get when I can strip off and dive in! A bikini kinda life means you’re still connected to your childhood sense of freedom in some sense.

Do you still have Billabong in your wardrobe? If so, what’s your favourite piece?
I have a bandeau bikini that's turquoise in colour – it’s probably turned into a lighter blue as I wore it so much last summer!

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