We’re celebrating the babes of Billabong. The girls of summer who have been the faces of our brand and shared many salty moments and adventures in the sunshine. Forever a part of the family and continuing to inspire us everyday, this is our tribute to the beauties who’ve lived a bikini kinda life with us…

Artist, Writer & Actor

What have you been up to since Billabong?
Where to start! The past 6 years have been pretty colourful for me. After Billabong I ended up on a reality TV show which was a bizarre and wonderful experience, and after that I moved to Sydney to spread my roots. I then moved my energies from modeling into art and have been building a career as a street/ fine artist since then.
I've done a bit of adventuring across the globe, and through that began a big collaborative art project/ Social experiment called CollaboNation. I took that overseas and then had it sponsored back here in Aus which was awesome! I met the founders of a website called Buzzworthy last year at Burning Man, and also began to work as a writer/art editor/ producer for them.
I've also been learning and exploring the craft of acting. I have an agent here now and have been working and nurturing that seed for the past couple of years in classroom, theatre and film environments. It's been wonderfully terrifying! I also write and perform in an all-girl sketch comedy group called Freudian Nip.

Best Billabong memory?
The Summer 2010 shoot on Stradbroke Island was SO MUCH FUN. The whole crew at Billabong are absolute legends, I miss them so much!

Where is home?
In a converted shed in a house in Newtown with 5 wonderful friends. I'm barely there though, I spend most of my time in my studio in Surry Hills.

I’ll be spending summer…
In the States! So I guess it would then be winter? I'm going on a cruise with an awesome incubator company called Summit and then having a few meetings up in LA before heading back down for the Art Basel in Miami in December! Very excited!

To me, living ‘a bikini Kinda Life’ means…
Living simply, with the sun on your skin and so much love for yourself and others that it shines out of your face and touches everyone around you.

Do you still have Billabong in your wardrobe? If so, what’s your favourite piece?
I have a pair of black skinny jeans that are so soft and worn in, I love them to death.

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