We’re celebrating the babes of Billabong. The girls of summer who have been the faces of our brand and shared many salty moments and adventures in the sunshine. Forever a part of the family and continuing to inspire us everyday, this is our tribute to the beauties who’ve lived a bikini kinda life with us…


What have you been up to since Billabong?
Oh golly, where do I begin? Life has been one jam-packed, out of the box, beautifully transforming journey since those wonderful Billabong days. I have lived a few different lives and can safely say I am a whole new person because of it.

Firstly, I did a missions trip to Papua New Guinea which stripped me right back to caring for the things that matter and realising more deeply how much loving others it what this life is truly about (not loving thy self which this world is so good at preaching).

After this trip I went straight into an ambassador role with Lorna Jane - this was such a great journey as I was able to release my passion for words and my love for people through writing honestly and vulnerably from my own life experiences for one of the greatest fitness blogs in Australia - movenourishbelieve.com.au.

Then while being the "Move Nourish Believe" Ambassador, my health came to a crashing halt as I was somewhat debilitated by blood poisoning. I moved back home for a year to rest and get well and in that precious time I learned a lot about myself - how to look after my body as best I can with what I feed it, but most importantly I learnt how to truly feed my spirit.

Through this growing and discovering process, a great dream came to pass as I began working with young men and women in discovering their true identity. This looked like public speaking in various schools, events and running short courses where the results and breakthrough was certainly rewarding but mostly humbling.

Alongside public speaking, I was also an activity facilitator at an amazing youth camp - yep, flying fox & raft building for days - haha so fun! From there I was lead into a Youth Worker position at a private school - which was challenging and eye opening but at the same time it was the greatest privilege to journey with youth through very difficult situations, nourishing their souls with love, caring for them while seeing their beauty and worth and calling it out so they could discover the gold that's within themselves.

In this busy time I had stumbled upon and fell madly in love with my first teenage crush, Riley. Once this year came to a close Riley, myself and a dear friend, Nino, went trekking through New Zealand with our back packs, one man tents and a whole lotta passion to explore. There really is nothing like losing yourself in the wild places, breaking through fears while pushing your limits with the mountains, valleys and ever-changing conditions, waking up to a new home and breathtaking scenery every morning and living life oh-so simply - we are made for this kind of stuff after-all. This adventure in itself turned out to be the most freeing expedition where I learnt so much about myself and my Creator - and it only fanned the flame for more life that's lived ordinarily.

After a couple of months arriving back from New Zealand, Riley's business took us to the Gold Coast where I am now a Production Manager at a unique bridal wear company called, Grace Loves Lace. I am blessed to work for such a beautiful company but am also keeping that fire alive by working on a few exciting upcoming ventures on the side... stay tuned: iameden.co

Best Billabong memory?
It would be a no brainer to say the photo shoots held the best memories but really, what created those awesome memories within the amazing trips were the people who became like family - Jossie, Jess, Calvino, Stu, Brookesy, Neva, Claud, Steph, Heids, Shaye, Kai... and the list goes on!

Where is home?
Palm Beach

I’ll be spending summer…
Ooooh, we have just been planning this and are brimming with ideas but are thinking...
Part 1. Our Eastern Coastline - soaking up the sunshine and salt water
Part 2. Uganda, Africa - getting back to the things that matter; loving the broken back to life.
Part 3. Snowboarding - something I have never done and Ri won't let it down.
We shall see - anything could happen really!

To me, living ‘a Bikini Kinda Life’ means…
Being immersed in the sea

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