• Bali bound with Danielle Fisser

How long have you lived in Bali?

Hello there! Well, it first started when I took educational leave/one year off at California State University Long Beach summer of 2016, to travel and get some culture. I began with Bali for the reason that my father is half, and I felt gravitated to find my roots, explore who I am, and learn about this Indo part of me that I never discovered. After travelling the world for a year and hopping back to California in between destinations, it wasn’t until the 3rd time I visited Bali in the same year that I decided to call Bali my home base. I fell in love the first time I set foot on the Island of the Gods, I mean didn’t you? I love what Bali embodies: the culture, the people, island ways, sacredness, creativity, the inspiration and knowledge I gain every day living off the land… it’s a rush, and I call it home. At the end of that 1-year break, I came to the conclusion that if I can work and live out in Bali then why not go for it! #Baliforniagirl #baliblessed

What area do you live in?

I live in Umalas! Its located in town, in between Canggu and Seminyak. I like it here because I feel Umalas still holds its peacefulness, a little serenity bubble, slightly apart from the crazy scooters and trucks zooming all around from Seminyak to Canggu and all roads in between! It takes me 5 min to hop on my scooter and ride to the ocean… anything longer wouldn’t be ideal hehe.

We all know Bali is getting pretty hectic now, what areas do you escape to when you want to avoid the crowds for some down time?

Bingin! Taking a trip to the Bukit--It’s the most southern tip of Bali, world-class waves, pristine beaches and clean(er) air--is like getting off the island without setting foot off the island haha. An ideal getaway would be a weekend spent in Bingin at my favourite villa (@binginbackyard) or a weekend trip to the neighbouring islands of Lembongan or Lombok (which is only a 30 min boat ride from Nusa Dua, where the boats pick you up in Bali).

Top 5 places to eat in the area you live?

Tough one…there are so many favourites, it's endless! You can live here and still not experience it all, especially with new places popping up by the month. But if I had to choose 5… apart from the local food (Gado-Gado is my favourite), Cashew Tree (in Bingin), Strawberry Fields (Seminyak), Fish Bone Local (Canggu), Campur Asia (Berawa), The Loft (Canggu).

Shopping tips for us gals?

Hit up Batu Bolong in Canggu and Sunset/Oberoi in Seminyak. Also, Ubud is great for early morning markets. The stores go forever. The deeper into town you go the better prices/selection. If you are buying from local, don’t forget to bargain. They will hassle you for a “good” price but respect who your buying from and come to a mutual agreement. For those who like to wander around your local farmers market, there is one every Sunday at Samadi Market in Canggu. Bring your own reusable glass bottle and get kombucha/fresh juice on tap and gluten-free mouthwatering brownies. Don’t forget to stay hydrated at all times! Water is life!!

Is Bali forever?

Bali has my heart.