Bali or Bust: Courtney just wants to surf!

Our girl Courtney Conlogue headed to Bali and experienced epic surf and the beautiful views and came back to fill us in on the trip! Bali is a place with endless magical places to explore, an inspiring culture, and perfect waves. Taking time to make trips away and abroad is good for the soul and a must for those who want to chase epic surf and have a wanderlust spirit. Bali is a place that urges you to slowdown and take the time you need to regroup.

Read along below to follow along with Courtney on her trip to a one-of-a-kind place for one-of-a-kind-waves.

When was the last time you went to Bali?

The last time I visited Bali, I believe, was for the Oakley Junior World Championships. It wasn’t a trip that leant itself to seeing much more than the contest site at that time. I explored a little bit but it wasn’t like this last trip.

What was it about this trip that made it different from the previous time?

I created a routine on this trip and was able to enjoy my time more since it was a longer stay and I was contest free. I loved watching the sunrise every morning while doing yoga. Yoga was a huge part of my experience this time in Bali and was something that I was able to explore more during the trip and grew to love. I completely enjoyed the process of taking time to a pay attention to my body and mind and do yoga in such a magical place. I was able to spend long hours both before and after surfing to do yoga and take in the beauty of Bali.

Well we all want to know, how were the waves! Was it everything you wished for?!

The waves in Bali were perfect! The conditions were amazing and I was able to surf so much! I love being able to travel to places far from home in search of epic barrels and clean conditions, so heading to Bali and being out in the water there was a dream. We definitely scored and I can say that I had some of the barrels of my life there! Which is the ultimate compliment of a surf trip!

With all this amazing surf you had, where was the place that gave you the most stoke?

I enjoyed surfing Keramas a lot during this visit. It became my go-to spot while I was there and never disappointed. I’d advise heading out on the earlier side to miss the wind that tends to pick up in the afternoon, but when you hit it at the right time you’re in for a good time. Keramas offered amazing, high performance waves everyday! I was able to get my fill of all my favorite rides from barrels to boosts and carves, and of course just racing down the line. The wave is fast and allows for barrel sections, times to drive down the line with speed and even do airs. Being mindful of the reef below gives just the right amount of adrenaline to continue charging and made for perfect sessions that will stay in my memories forever.

To wrap up for those of us who now have our calendars out and are ready to book our own trip to Bali, What are the top things we would have to do on our trip?

Immerse yourself into the local culture, people, and food. Remember as you explore to appreciate the parts of Bali that are different from home and embrace the culture there!

Do yoga as often as possible! This became such a special time for me as I said, before and after sessions. Bali is such a magical and peaceful place and being able to do yoga there is something unlike any other.

Surf all the time! But really, get out there! This place gave me some of the best surf of my life, and I know it could do the same for you. Make those lasting memories here both on the shore, but absolutely in the water as well.

Last but not least visit Ubud. I love that place! There is so much to do and see, I won’t spoil all the beauty on this one, you will just have to go and see for yourself!

Get a glimpse of Bali barrels by watching the video of Courtney's trip below: