They sure do live the life! What could be more fun than traveling the world, surfing and exploring with your best friends? A few of our groms got to just that in Bali recently, Macy Callaghan tells us the story...

‘Every teenage girl has the dream of going on a holiday to paradise with their best friends’

Well that dream came true for myself and my two best friends Billie Melinz and Kiani Dobbyn.

On the 13th of August Billie and I flew to Bali with Mum and our other gurfer friend Alysse, we were all super pumped. It was my first time going overseas but Billie had already travelled twice before. As we landed in Bali I instantly felt the happy vibes from the Balinese culture. We found our driver and we were eagerly off to begin our adventure.

First stop our villa, situated in Canggu. I couldn’t believe how beautiful our home would be for the next two weeks. The waves at Canggu were pumping! And the dream had finally become real as I got my first taste of the Indonesian waves. The next week consisted of us waking at 6am surfing our little hearts out, eating like queens at our favourite café (where I ate more pancakes then you could imagine) to surf more, eat more and finally return home late at night to rest up to do the same thing all over again the next day, I wasn’t complaining ha-ha. After a few days surfing Canggu we day tripped to Padma to meet with Kiani and surf some of the best waves I’ve experienced. We surfed all day and scored sick waves and had the best Tucker sesh at Mcdonalds. Kiani then come back with us to Canggu and surfed the next few days with us girls.

On the 21st of August our next adventure begun! Myself Mum, Billie, Alysse and the Dobbyn family boarded our boat and sailed off to Nusa Lembongan. We woke up for an early and the surf was pumping. So we got Captain Aqua man out to Shipwrecks as fast as we could. After our surf we ate ourselves silly again and then decided to hire some bikes to ride around and explore the island. We went to playgrounds, mushroom bay and heaps of amazing bays that all shared the same gorgeous crystal clear water it was AMAZING!!!!

The next day we got up to check the surf at Shipwrecks, and wow! It was the most perfect wave I had ever laid eyes on. The type of wave us gurfers can only dream about! We all ran put on our favourite bikinis waxed up our favourite boards and got out there as fast as we could. This surf was once again followed by crazy amounts of food (mostly pancakes) and no time to rest as more exploring was on our minds. We went snorkelling and found some of the seas most precious creatures. Star fishes and Manta rays to mention a few! Meet up with the locals, played on the water slides and kayaked our way around the Island. The trip was epic but sadly it came to an end. We packed our bags and headed back to the groovy town Canggu for the night.

Next morning we packed our suit cases, board bags and headed into Kuta for a bit of shopping and girl time. We got our hair braided, nails done and had a delicious Italian dinner before sadly heading to the airport. Time to go back to Australia - the adventure had come to an end.

My first Indo trip had been completed and another one ticked off the list for Billie and Kiani. Definitely one we won’t be forgetting. So many epic memories that I was lucky enough to share with my best friends! Untill next time Bali…