Recently we took off to Japan for the 'Be The Change' CD release tour organised by our friends at the Sloth Club. My mother has been traveling to Japan for over 25 years as an environmental campaigner and has written songs and composed CD's for as long as I can remember. She's taken me along many times - but this is the first time I've written and recorded on a CD (actually I was only 12 when we did the recording)!

We sang, talked and visited lots of groups of lovely people; Mothers escaping the Fukushima nuclear disaster calling for an end to nuclear power, climate change action groups and cool, deep ecology people living in the mountains raising awareness about a sustainable lifestyle change, in temples, festivals, concert halls and cafes!

I loved being able to perform on stage (been doing this in Japan since I was little) and this time I also got to go surfing!!

Here is a sample of a couple of our days, and you can find some more (with lots of photos) here : pachalina.wordpress.com

OCTOBER 23, 2015
I woke up bright and early to meet people from Billabong Japan who took me surfing all day with Nagisa (the U18s girl Japan champ!) I had such a fun day with them! First we checked the surf and surfed a really shallow rock break that wasn't very good so we went 20 mins south to find and awesome break! I got some really fun ones and there was a couple times where I had to ditch, some sets were quite powerful! We had an amazing sashimi lunch and took off to find some good shots! I also ate my favourite 'natto' (fermented, sticky soy beans) - which always surprises people in Japan...it's an acquired taste! We found a beautiful temple to take some photos in... I found a cat