• Better late than never... Kirra Proof!

Ok people, its late Wednesday, your tired, your upset and i know what your thinking, this was meant to be up yesterday!!.... Don't worry i copped a call from the big boys at Billabong telling me to pull my finger out....Now In my defense the whole "better late than never" comes to mind.... because whether you're a sweltering internet fiend or just your run of the mill pleb, this installment is worth the wait.
Last weeks blog told you Kirra had been pumping, some called bluff, some even called me a liar, its buried, its gone,forget it..... Well check the pics from last week, Along with Myslef, Thorpe, Nick Lawrence, Jack Jones and the help of a 4 stroke Yamaha powerhouse Billabong Ski (driven and tamed by none other than Woody Sedgman) we managed to find a few rare Kirra barrels....All images are from good friend Todd Glaser who still hasn't beat me in table tennis, but that's another blog all together isn't it.....
So after a 3 week wave frenzy on the Gold Coast, the rain finally set in, and the old saying "the grass is greener on the other side" started to tick over in my head, So i leave you with a picture of my shoes right before im boarding a plane....where you ask??? well you will have to wait till next Wednesday for that one, in the mean time, get on youtube.com and check out treadmill accidents.


Thorpe paddling over one.
Me getting deep-ish2
Thorpe getting super deep3Wrong spot.
Well satisfied on the walk back to my car7
It all comes to an end and I am off to WA8