• Billabong at Bleach

Despite all the rain the Gold Coast experienced last weekend, the local crowd at Burleigh was out in force to celebrate the beginning of Bleach Festival at Justin Park, Burleigh Heads. The beachfront was transformed into a buzzing arena with 5 local bands taking the stage to play in front of those brave enough to venture out in the wet conditions.

Set-up adjacent to the stage was the Billabong Tee Bar, which was inspiring people's creativity by printing customised 'Lifes Better' tee's, where Patrons could create their own unique slogan. Among the favourites were Life's Better in: Burleigh, The Ocean, Love, and Rap Video's. The #Parko World Champ cut-out received a positive response, with groms stopping by to have their photo taken as The Champ, one in particular being so excited he yelled at the top of his lungs "Look mummy, I'm Parko!".

Lifes Better Container

Life's Better Tee Bar

Donavon LB

Donavon Frankenreiter's Life is better when he is in the tube.

LB in the ocean

Life's Better in The Ocean

LB in Burleigh

Life's Better in Burleigh

Parko Cut-out

Be The Champ


"Look mummy, I'm Parko"