• Billabong Bloodlines - Hawaii 2017

Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii 2017 kicked off Camp 1 with the oldest athletes in attendance including Caleb Tancred (AUS), Brodie Sale (USA), Ocean Macedo (USA), Sammy Gray (USA), Liam O’Brien (AUS), Laird Myers (USA) and Jin Suzuki (JAP). The first three days saw epic conditions with solid waves hitting Pipe, Backdoor & Off The Wall, and the boys surfed 4 sessions a day. Sammy Gray nailed the wave of the camp at Pipe on a beast. Ocean Macedo also put on a great performance with a killer tube at OTW.

"My favorite session of the camp was this one surf we had around lunchtime out front of the house at Backdoor where it was just us Billabong guys and a couple other surfers and the waves turned on and everyone was taking their turn, and trading waves," said Caleb Tancred of the first week of waves. "It was epic!"

Unfortunately, the pristine conditions didn't last the whole time, and a big storm front came in bringing two days of howling wind. The boys opted to surf Haleiwa, and went to absolute town on the solid right handers. Liam O'Brien was the standout looking right at home with big ole carves and man turns. Legendary local Hawaiian and Billabong Coach Rainos Hayes has been running the team through daily stretch sessions, session debriefs and even mock heats at Haleiwa. During the course of the three camps the groms had the honor of having both Shane Dorian and Taj Burrow on hand to shed their countless years of wisdom.

On to camp 2 where the crew scored amazing waves right from the get-go on day 1 which lasted for four days. It was all out front, Pipe, Backdoor, OTW were all firing and the crowds were minimal. No need to drive anywhere, just wake up, roll out of bed and out of our gate into spitting barrels. A lot of rain and local flooding came after that, but it didn’t matter, spirits were super high for the rest of the trip.

While all of the camps allowed for activities and learning beyond standard surf and coaching sessions, Camp 2 gave surfers the opportunity to participate in a breath hold class. A few hours of pool time later and the kid's minds were blown.

"I learned how to hold my breath for 2 minutes and 30 seconds!," Tommy Coleman shouted on the drive home.

Camp three continued the luck roll with more waves, waves, waves! The waves were really good for the entire camp! The youngest camp, got to experience over 7 different breaks during the 9 day camp including a day on the west side of the island surfing a left point that we can’t name. wind and weather conditions were perfect. Overall, it was the best week of waves we’ve ever had at our Bloodlines Hawaii camps.

"The best part for me was to be able to meet kids from all over the world and be able to grab my board and go surfing right out front at any time," said Kai Martin.

It was an amazing three camps of Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii, and all of the gross were unanimously stoked.

"It was a great trip, the waves were pumping and it pushed me out of my comfort zone," said Tommy Coleman.

The crew, the waves and the overall atmosphere made for an unforgettable experience that our Bloodlines gross won't soon forget!

"Staying on the North Shore is great, but being able to stay at the Billabong house at Off The Wall was amazing and getting to surf Pipe with Occy, Shane Dorian, Rainos, Micah and the rest of the boys was the best," said Cole McCaffray. "We all got some epic waves and took some epic smashings."

More to come from #BillabongBloodlines in the very near future. Stay tuned!