• Billabong Pipe Masters Opening Party

The North Shore of Oahu is THE place to be in the month of December. It’s ground zero for surf fans, groupies, industry folk and the best surfers on the planet staying at beautiful beachfront houses having great times in the name of surf.

Last night we hosted one of these aforementioned great times at the Billabong Off the Wall House. The night started off with a few appetizers and cold Pacifico’s as far as the eye could see. Local boy Makua Rothman went on stage around sunset for a set that really made for good vibes all evening long.

Right after that the party really kicked into gear. Every surfer from every house on the North Shore cruised over to the house. There were ladies aplenty, and celebrities all over the place like Dirt Nasty, Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven and Bachelorette Star Becca Tilley.

Later in the evening Tracy Bryant from Los Angeles and Guantanamo Baywatch from Portland both went on for a one-hour set each. They each blew the crowd of 400 plus people away with a mix of modern day rock ‘n roll and classic surf jams. In between their sets Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo got up on stage to congratulate Frederico Morias on his qualification for the 2017 World Tour. At the end of his speech Occy then told the crowd, “Oh yeah, and my fiancé is pregnant! We’re having another one!”. The crowd hooted and hollered with approval, and continued to do so all throughout the night.

There are a lot of great parties that happen on the North Shore every winter, but this one was extremely special. The amount of people, the music, the vibes and all the stories made for an insanely good night and what many were calling the ‘Party of the Year’! Thanks again to Makua Rothman, Tracy Bryant, Guantanamo Baywatch and Pacifico beer!

All Photos: Duncan MacFarlane