• Billabong Pro Tahiti- Day 2

Billabong Pro Tahiti- Day 2

Today was an absolute cracker. We were greeted by sun, building swell and clean conditions. Early heats were a bit slow, but by mid morning there were 9-point rides getting posted all over the place.

John John Florence took to the Teahupoo lineup as he always does with ease and grace, pulling into and getting spit out of two 9’s that had him moving on. Gabriel Medina used the wind to his advantage in a close round 3 heat. Two rookies who are having a great year and continuing their strong performance at Teahupoo are Connor O’Leary and Joan Duru. Both goofy foots will see themselves into round 4 of competition as well.

The day ended with solid swell lines coming through as the sun set. The Billabong crew ended up having a bit of a house gathering with Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Ethan Ewing, Frederico Morais, Connor O’Leary, Laura Enever and many more stopping by for beverages and stories. Although no one from team Billabong is left in the competition the guys were still enjoying their time in paradise and in good spirits to end the day.

Tomorrow is rumored to be finals day, and with little swell left in the remainder of the waiting period it should be the last day of competition. Check back tomorrow for more action here at the end of the road.