• Billabong's Official Splendour Blogger - Day 1

Friday 27th July

Anyone who couldn't make it along to splendour definitely missed out on an eventful first day! Sweet, mesmerizing sounds by some amazingly talented artists and a very temperamental mother nature!

Couldn't have asked to wake up to better weather, the sun was out and might I say hot! The belongfil fields were absolute slosh walking in, and those who didn't decide to pick up a pair of gumboots were probably regretting it to a degree.

There was no shortage of stalls around if you were looking to buy some sweet as vintage pieces. Everything from ponchos to jewellery, and yes even those very popular animal onesies were for sale. The small mall was another awesome setup of stalls, walking along you had the jäger tent, followed by Billabongs gnarly setup, and then a string of stores selling vintage goods, ending with the redbulls tent.

A little further into the day and mother nature decided to play some interesting games with us! That's right, hail. Black clouds came through and bam! But that didn't stop anyone, the music went on, the crowds kept dancing.

I'd have to say the music highlights of the day for me were definitely Emma Louise, Gypsy & the Cat, and the amazing Kimbra. The cold weather didn't deter the crowds because the atmosphere in each tent was a whirl of ecstasy! And you can probably see that in the photos! Kimbra was ultimately the best way to end a night, hands down! She belted out some high hitting notes that had the tent left in an absolute daze. As she left, she left the crowd wanting more...

And on that note, I can only imagine what's in store for tomorrow!

camping grounds