• Billabong Team Update - Event 2 (MARGARET RIVER)

Billabong Team Update - Event 2 (MARGARET RIVER)


March 29th - April 9th, 2017


Stop number two this year on the 2017 Men's World Tour is Margaret River. Raw, majestic and unpredictable this event is always a favorite for the sheer fact that everyday can be vastly different and open up the opportunity for anyone on tour to excel. This year's event should have three venue options. There's the Margaret peak itself. The wave offers a long right hander that can barrel off the take off and end over dry reef with open multiple face turns in between. The left at Margaret's is much shorter, but can certainly come in clutch for goofy-footed competitors who seem to be struggling on their backhand. Another option is the throaty slab just across the bay from Margies - The Box. This wave demands a completely different approach and is pretty much all or nothing. Some will struggle to get to their feet, and others will charge hard and seize the day. The last possible venue location is North Point. The wave is a regular footers dream- a long running barrel that can hold massive swell(like what's predicted) with a huge air section at the end.


Joel Parkinson - Joel is a veteran, plain and simple. He's dangerous and capable of doing damage at any spot on tour. If he gets on a roll, he can and will go all the way.

Jack Freestone - Jack bowed out early at Snapper and is seeking to hit the restart button. Jack is one of the bigger surfers on tour and will definitely be able to use this to his advantage in the powerful West Oz surf that's predicted.

Frederico Morais - Another tall, lengthy and powerful surfer, Freddy's turns will shine at main peak Margaret's. If the right is doing it's thing, and Freddy can surf to his potential, few will be able to match his power blow for blow.

Ethan Ewing - Last but not least, Ethan is our dark horse. He started off his 2017 campaign with an opening wave of a 9.10. His result at Snapper didn't really reflect his performance at all. He looked calm, poised and agile as any rookie we've ever seen. He's been practicing at North Point, and judging by the photos we've been receiving(pictured above and below) we think he's fired up to do damage.

* Italo Ferreira - Unfortunately, Italo is out with an injury for Margaret River. He hurt himself attempting a massive backside air just after Snapper. We wish him a speedy recovery and can't wait to see him back in the water!

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