• Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards LIVE WEBCAST

Entire Awards Show to be Webcast Live at www.BillabongXXL.com

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- (April 15, 2009) -- The greatest big wave specialists from around the world have begun to gather in Southern California ahead of Friday night's Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards at the Grove Theater (Saturday 18th In Australia). ¬ ¨'šÃ„' The biggest and best rides of the last year will be celebrated in a video tribute before 2000 VIP guests, and the winners in seven different categories will take home the largest cash purse in the history of big wave surfing.

The entire evening's proceedings -- from the fashionable Red Carpet arrivals to the climactic presentation of the $50,000 XXL Ride of the Year Award -- will be seen by surfing fans world wide via a live webcast on www.BillbongXXL.com. ¬ ¨'šÃ„' The show will also be fed live by satellite to millions of viewers in Brazil, and will also be the subject of a one-hour special on ESPN2 airing at 9:30 Pacific Time on May 28, 2009.

In all, over $130,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to nominees across a diverse array of categories, including; Monster Rube Ride, Girls Best Overall Performance, Monster Paddle Award. Wipeout Award, Best Overall Performance, XXL Biggest Wave and the blue ribbon $50,000 Ride Of The Year. ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' This marks the Ninth Annual edition of the XXL event, often referred to as the Academy Awards of surfing due to the lavish scale of the night's activities.

Proving the global nature of big wave riding, nominees for this year's awards come from countries including Australia, South America, USA, South Africa, the Basque Country of Northern Spain, France and Hawaii. ¬ ¨'šÃ„'

Following the red carpet arrival, a host of the sports biggest names, including former world champions, revered big wave riders and previous XXL winners will be in attendance to award winners in each of the categories. ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Guest presenters include Mark Occhilupo, Andy Irons, Linda Benson, Jeff Clark, Greg Noll and Mike Parsons.

To see all the Nominated Rides and meet the surfers up for awards, see the event website at BillabongXXL.com.

The 2009 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards are presented by Monster Energy. ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Verizon Wireless is the official communications provider and Honda is the official watercraft of the event. ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Surfline.com is the exclusive surf forecast of the XXL. The event is sponsored by Surfing Magazine, Air Tahiti Nui and High Surf Accessories.


02:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' GMT ¬ ¨'šÃ„' (Saturday 18th)
19:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' USA Pacific Time
22:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' USA Eastern Time
23:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Brazil Sao Paulo/Rio
16:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' USA Hawaii
12:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Sydney Australia (Saturday 18th)
14:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Auckland New Zealand (Saturday 18th)
10:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Asia/Indonesia (Saturday 18th)
04:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' Paris France (Saturday 18th)
04:00 ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' ¬ ¨'šÃ„' South Africa (Saturday 18th)