• Blood on The Bitumen Pt.5

'As the trip was drawing to a close we managed to make a cool little clip out of our last two days in the deep South.
The boys found a spot that was pretty pumping with the best water colour we saw all trip and managed to get a few clips for you to froth on. I also gave the boys a quick hair cut one night as ya do on a grommet trip and it actually suited both of them way better.
The weather turned to sheeet and looked like setting in for the next week so we bailed a few days early and left Yorkes a satisfied bunch of humans.
(Sasha and I drove both vans back to the Goldy and it took us 31 hours with about 6 hours sleep, not a bad effort at all, also thanks to our wingmen Macca and Ryan, you guys did a great job sleeping while we drove you home).

Thanks to everyone in South Oz for your support and showing us a good time, we can't wait to come back and do it all again!!