• Bomb Wins Double Gold in Indonesia

Padiwat Jaemjan (Bomb) Wins Gold Medals in both Asian Australian Oceanic and Asian Championships.

1. Padiwat Jaemjan THA, 2. Tony Iaccona AUS 3. Zheng Wei CHN

111 athletes from 17 countries competed in the 2010 AAO Waterski, Wakeboard & Barefoot Championships (incorporating the Asian Championships) this past weekend at Lake Sunter in Jakarta, Indonesia. Padiwat Jeamjan 'Bomb' lead the 3 man Thai Wakeboard Team winning Gold in the AAO Championships, with Bonyalo Jumluang taking 4th and the Thai Team finishing in 3rd place behind Australia and China.

In the Asian Championships, Bomb again took Gold, with teammate Lota's Bronze medal, leading the Thai Team to a 2nd place finish behind China.


The wakeboard season is in full swing in Asia, and the season is not done yet.

Next up for Bomb
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· Mettle Games Boat Singapore
· Asian Beach Games Muscat Oman
· King of Kicker Thailand TWP Cable


2010 IWWF AAO Asian Australian Oceanic Championships Men Wakeboard
1. Padiwat Jaemjan (THA 72.6)
2. Tony Iaccona (AUS 62.66)
3. Zheng Wei (CHN 60.13)

2010 IWWF Asian Championships Men Wakeboard
1. Padiwat Jaemjan (THA 64.91)
2. Zheng Wei (CHN 60.57)
3. Jumruang Bunyalo (THA 55.57)