• Bonjour Biarritz!

Bonjour from Biarritz, France…our summer meeting spot with three of our favorite Aussie girls, Flick Palmateer, Josie Prendergast and Pacha Light. We woke up to stunning views of the famous lighthouse overlooking La Grande Plage and made our way down into the center of town for fresh baguettes, croissants, fromage, and flea market finds at Les Halles…and a little bit of espresso (because, yes, jet lag is real, but totally worth it). And hearing Aussie accents saying cute French words totally made our morning.

It was a magical morning at the market complete with fresh florals, French tees, and just a little bit of rain before opening up to blue skies and blue waters as we met with the ocean tides at Port Vieux. We strolled along the coastline and stumbled upon the hillsides lined with hydrangeas in shades of lavender and pink. Hortensia + la plage season in the south of France has us feeling right at home!!

When we see the cutest ice cream stand open for business we grab a treat to cool off and continue the stroll along the cutest (and Instagram famous) striped umbrellas. I mean…..

A laid back afternoon in Guethary, a local surf and fishing town a short drive down south, finished up our first day near the Atlantic sea and we already can’t wait to see more!