• Brazo Chile New Zealand then home... oh and paul roach

Pelourinho, Salvador Brazil....Micheal Jackson filmed 'they don't care about us' film clip here,seeing as jacko passed away i thought it was only fitting to pay my respects... the place is full of culture, something like 150 huge church's here, all filled with ancient artwork, the place has an amazing feel to it, another interesting fact about the town is the 1000s of street kids that get together and form a huge street band called Olodum, all beating thousands of huge drums....amazing to see in action, plus what im eating here in the pic is called acadaje, only found in the north of brazil!but enough of brazo! Im heading HOME!!!!!

During 36hrs of pure travel theres one word seemed so far away!.home ive done the Brazil/Australia enough times its nothing new, this time however I was blessed with a little travel companion in the form of a stomach bug, I think I picked up from surfing a polluted beach in brazil, this little bug left me violently emotionally sh#tting through the eye of a needle 24/7 ..i wont sugar coast it, it wasn't pretty..it shed at leassssst 5 kilos off me!.so the 36hrs of planes and trains along with old stomach bug, this trip was a little touch and go to say the least!.but I made it with my pride in tact.

With the stomach bug finally over, now comes the jetlag, totally bug eyed n ready to go at 2 in the morning!..everyday at 2 in the morning like clock work..its killing me, but slowly the body clock is sorting itself out.

But im Home, and im loving it, the weather has been perfect, I love winter days here, although the waves have been small its good just to be home and get back on the ball.
Paul Roach just got in town here on the gold coast today, hes hanging out for the next week or so here in oz, hes been sinking piss and dumping meat pies like a true ozzie!..keep posted on the blog for some more of roachs mayhem here in oz! lack.