• Burleigh…oh baby!

Burleigh…oh baby!

Why do we love this perfect little pocket located on the southern Gold Coast, well for starters it’s where our brand hails from (and still lives today), it’s got an absolute gem of a right hand point break, copious amounts of cafes to feast at and plenty of boutiques to spend your pennies. Don’t know where to start? No worries, we are going to list the best of Burleigh below…

1. Best Acai Bowl

Hit up the Fruit Shop Burleigh for an acai bowl that will blow your mind. Granola with just the perfect amount of crunch, acai mix like no other and tonnes of fruit and toppings piled as high as the sky. There are plenty of these bad boys offered across the coast but Burleigh has the best by far!

2. The Studio Upstairs


This stretching sanctuary is run by Eliza Landgren (founder of Elle Fit Active) and caters for all your bendy desires. Classes are run throughout the week and cover mobility, stability, stretching and becoming all round zen! The space is visually to die for with a beautiful minimalist feel (think greenery, white walls and yoga mats), the ideal area to completely clear that noggin.

3. Greenhouse Bathhouse


So you’ve tucked into an acai bowl, had a stretch at the Studio Upstairs and now feeling a little sweaty? Head straight to the Greenhouse Bathhouse to saunter in hydrotherapy spas, magnesium outdoor pools, outdoor showers and to finish up, lap water over a bed of hot rocks for an intense wind down. Oh and you can enjoy a fresh coconut or herbal tea on the go. The interiors are crazy insta worthy so be sure to have your bestie there to do the snapping!

4. Paddock Café


Three words- donuts for days. This place has the yummiest pastry on earth. It’s the ultimate breaky stop (or lunch) with dishes designed to hit the spot. These cool cats have redesigned a beautiful cottage into the café it is today. If you leave the Goldy without giving it a spin, you are a maniac.

5. Village Homewares

You’ve gotta take a bit of Burleigh with you. Village homewares has all the trinkets and treasures you’ll need to scatter around your home, it’s all round rustic and coastal. You can relive those fond memories of beautiful Burleigh all the while making your home hotter.