• California road trips with Annie McGinty

Another sleepy Saturday morning waking up in east Los Angeles, my man, Wes, and I were itching to get outta town. But where to this time? Couple more sips of coffee and we decide to head South. We pack up the truck with the bed in the back, strap the boards on top and get the last of our stuff together for an unplanned adventure.

Wes shaped a board and thankfully it’s ready on time so we stop by the surf shop in Hermosa Beach to pick it up. First stop is Seal Beach; we like it there, never crowded, warm water, fun little waves, just watch out for those sting rays. We have a post surf ice cold beer and take the Pacific Coast Highway down to Laguna.

The music is blasting and sun is getting lower, our hair is salty, we’re careless, and we’re free.

We don’t live near the ocean, so any time we get to wake up by the water, smelling that beach air, it’s heavenly. We take a walk to the local coffee shop in the morning haze, feeling far away from home, mission accomplished, we escaped the city. We check out the surf, the water is glassy and flat, but we run and jump in anyway. Nothing like getting salty before breakfast.

We keep heading South to San Clemente and find a beach all to ourselves. Mexican food and margies are next on the agenda with extra lime and extra tequila while relaxation washes over us. It’s hard to mess up a road trip. The goal is to get as far away as you can, have a hell of a time, talk to strangers, buy someone a shot, and be whoever you want to be. We go to bed in the truck and next morning it’s back to reality, back to Los Angeles, and back to work.....soon dreaming of the next adventure.”

Image credit: Nico Guilis.