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Okay so the last few weeks have been so hectic but none the less something I'll never forget! My journey started in the Maldives where I did a Billabong girls photo shoot, then I jet set of to Spain and the Azores Islands for two WQS's, one where I placed second. Just when I thought that that was a lot of travel I got a call from ASP saying that I had got the wildcard for the Oakly World Juniors in Bali. So straight for Europe I flew to Bali where I am currently writing this blog. Here are a few photos of what took my fancy along the way!

These babies were keeping us warm in Spain ? It was so cold every morning after are surfs we had to get something to warm the insides haha

This picture reminds me of Africa not that I've been there but that's what I imagine it would be like. I took this from out the window of are car on our drive from Spain to Portugal.

Taking a nap on the edge of the world haha. This photo is of me at one of my most favourite places in the world-the Azores Islands. I guess that the Azores is like Europe's Hawaii. It's a place where the mountains meet the beach, as green as green can be everywhere with stunning flowers along side all the roads that wind up and over the rolling hills. The islands were created by volcanic overflow so the beaches have black sand. There are waterfalls scattered like diamonds everywhere, hot springs left, right and centre and massive lakes in the middle of the island. It's picture perfect and not to mention we got pumping waves for the contest!!!

Flowers are everywhere here in the Azores this is just one of the thousands of different types.

We meet this local guy while we were in the Azores who told us about this secret spot. It was a in a bay with a left and right hand point on either side with a peak in the middle. The contest bank was tricky to get waves at so we decided to try and find it with the mud map that he gave us. We hiked down this massive cliff, over and under electric fences, across rivers, through quicksand and then a 10 min rock scramble. We finally made it and it was worth the hike the bay was stunning and the waves were even better :P The picture above is of us hiking, I couldn't release the ones of the break because it was way to good to be true!

Now I'm in Bali where the weather is warm and I'm ready for the usual highs and lows of a trip to Indonesia!tropical breakfast buffets, reef cuts, wicked sunsets, intense bartering wars, crazy driving, amazing waves and at least one near death experience. This photo I took yesterday arvo at the place where I am staying. The butterfly is so pretty. I'll keep you posted with more form Bali soon ?

All for now and I hope that you are finding some epic waves somewhere.
Keep smiling, Floss