• Catch up with Georgia Fish!

This year I've been lucky enough to travel to some incredible places but I must say... my latest trip definitely takes the cake so far. My family and I had our trip organised by Tropic Surf (http://www.tropicsurf.net/). The plan was to go around West Timor on a boat and explore different islands for surf breaks, colorful reefs to go scuba diving and to experience a few different cultures.

Our favorite place we found was called Dana Island. The waves there were beyond amazing. Perfect barrels and fun walls on both the right and the left with only my dad and I surfing it... doesn't get much better than that. We stayed there over two nights and on one of the days we canoed into the island and spent a few hours exploring. My sister and I ended up attracting every kid on the island and played with them for around two hours. We taught them duck-duck-goose and a few cool handshakes and they were frothing. They live in such complete simplicity, yet are probably some of the happiest kids I've ever met.

Rajua island was next. There I surfed a wave called the wedge. The swell comes in and hits a rock wall and then swings sideways into a very intimidating and heavy left-hander. Once I found my feet it ended up being a super fun session!

Next stop was Sawu. The most perfect right-hander I have ever surfed. Barrel off the take off and a fun wall to play with until the shallow end section... we only got to surf it for about an hour before it went dark but boy oh boy was it worth the 2 hour day mission to get there!

After that we went to an island called Semau. It was a left over a reef but broke into the sand just like a beach break .The waves weren't quite so good as the swell had dropped but still it was still super fun and was good to have a relaxed, playful surf.

All in all, the trip was amazing. Perfect waves, amazing company and a whole lot of beautiful sunsets.