This year’s beautiful Cleo + Billabong collection holds the promise of summer sunshine, salty hair and days spent at the beach. Inspired by the glossy covers of Cleo, the range features bold tie-dyes, metallic threads, and a pretty paisley print that encapsulates all things surf and style.

This season we packed our bags and headed to the famous North Shore where we were lucky enough to shack up in the Billabong house overlooking Pipeline. We explored some of the local haunts: Aoki’s for shave ice and Giovanni’s Shrimp Van for the tasty shrimp plates. We sipped from coconuts and bought pineapples from Dalia’s fruit stand, hung out at local handcrafted beach shelters and spent lots of time in the ocean. The surf wasn’t great but we still had fun and soaked up the Hawaiian sun. Beauty Lisalla brought a great energy and spirit to the shoot and one of our favourite photographers Steven Chee captured all the magic.