• Congratulations Nick Gibbs First Winner of the Snow Promo... 3 more jackets to go!

Congratulations Nick Gibbs first one to win a snow jacket of his choise! What Nick loves the most about snowboarding is "When the noise and the traffic and the people and the job and the money and the hassle and the preparation and the journey and the injuries and the anticipation and the buildings and roads and chairlifts and crowds and hard times and the fear the niggling doubts and the voices in my head are all just suddenly GONE and all I hear is whhhoooossshh and all I feel is WWWWWWWHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!......... I am snowboarding. "

The second episode of the guys snow trip to NZ is out so go and have a look here... and while you are there drop us a line telling us WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT SNOWBORADING and you might be the next winner of some snow gear!

Here is some inspiration from Billabong snow rider Risto Mattila "What I love the most about snowboarding is just using your imagination you can learn something new every day with your snowboard"

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