• Courtney Conlogue Ranked #1 In The World

Courtney Conlogue Ranked #1 In The World


Courtney Conlogue is now ranked #1 in the world! The moment happened after winning her Quarterfinal heat at the US Open of Surfing and we couldn't be more proud. Here's how she felt and what's next:

Describe how you felt when you learned that you are now the #1 ranked female surfer in the world after your quarterfinal win yesterday.

Excitement and joy! These are the moments……

Going into the Lowers event in the #1 spot, what is going through your head as far as preparation? Anything different in the way you are going to approach this event now?

Nothing different. Just going to maintain my same routine and learn from my mistakes.

You are headed on a surf/adventure trip to South Africa after the US Open, describe why you are going there and what you are going to do there.

Switch off! Let my hair down and surf incredible waves and search out adventure. This is a location I haven’t explored. Big cats and high bridges.

Follow her through the remainder of the WCT events as she strives to win her first World Title