• Creative Destruction Episode 5 is here!!!


We think we have stepped it up! Apart from the lack of blood and gore we had in Ep3, this episode owns the rest! Wade ditched the jam jars and bintangs of Bali's lure and walked straight into the role of director/producer/cameraman for the first section of -Final Filth'! He is a creative fucker and as much as he pleads that he is the -destruction' part and I am the -creative' part of this project I reckon you will agree he has an eye for aesthetics! The intro to this episode is made up of the B & C clips from the -Still Filthy' trip to Bali! But when its Wade and Lee Vandal, B & C's make for fine viewing!

Woody and Kdog loosening the bolts!
loosen up
Lee Vandal mashed
squashedyaypunt 2
So all in all Bali was a successful trip for the boys and keep in mind the clips you see in this shite will not be seen in Still Filthy!

Wade got home headfirst into an interview with ASL's wildman Binnsie, if you dont know him it could be for the best?! Then again, if you are up for nights of debauchery and endless amusement he could be your best mate! Fuck! he is one of ours! Ask Wade for a run down, I missed the infamous night but it involved Binnsie, the dancefloor, several tables, 4 bikies, 4 bikies wenches, endless rums, more bouncers, 1 stolen harley and a long cold walk home!

Anyhow shit story short! The video is a bit better! Press play and enjoy