• DIY: Christmas Golden Bells

DIY: Christmas Golden Bells

Silver bells or golden bells, this is our how-to give your home a humble and happy holiday accent that’s both simple and doesn’t require too much creative brain power. Because let’s face it, sometimes we just want a fairly mindless activity that packs plenty of punch.


  • Small golden bells.
  • Clothesline string.

After you’ve opened and counted you bags of bells, divide them among how many strands of golden bells you’d like to make. In order to make the strands more manageable we did about 10 bells per stand, so they don’t tangle.

Find the center point of your string by folding it in half. Add the bell to the string and knot it directly in the middle.

Continue this step on either side of the first bells with additional bells. As a tip, use your spacing on the second bell you knot to help guide your spacing for the next bells you tie and knot to your strand.

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