• Do you want some speakers with that shirt sir?


Because Donny has a new album coming out soon (or is it out? I'm lame) he wanted to do something a little extra special to commemorate it.

Soooo, he got busy with design and how he can bring his music closer to you. hahaha I sound like a mkt idiot wait! Anyway. There is the above tee. The artwork is pretty rad. I like it. It's different from artwork currently hitting peoples chest and the highlight? It's done by Empire Ave Alumni Claudio Kirac. Another bonus? The art on the tee is also the art on the cover of Donny's new CD. Smart people those two!.

And to finish off how special the tee is? It ships with a set of speakers. A set of speakers I hear you yell!? OMG, LOL. Yessss, Speakers. Not Bose ones, some very basic ones, but speakers that pump out sound nonetheless..

Pretty sweet deal. Hitting retail this month.

The shirt the speakers come with. Artwork courtesy of Claudio KiracHow they get packaged up for purchaseMusic is my soulThe back of the packageThe package on the table. Plug in your pod throw on your tee and kick back and relax.