• Donavon and Jackson Browne sing "The Weight"

On the current Donavon 'Pass it Around' Concert Tour, rock legend and close friend Jackson Browne stopped in as a surprise guest appearance at Tia Juana's Long Bar and Grill in Irvine Wednesday night. Even though it was a not advertised anywhere the proximity to the Billabong offices and their coconut wireless meant the venue was packed to the gills.

The tour, sponsored by Coors and co-sponsored by Verizon and Billabong has been blowing doors at every stop. Donny and his stellar band have their chops down, and guest appearances are not uncommon from friends of Donny's like Jackson. Their version of the classic Band anthem 'The Weight' is worth checking out on the linked video.

The venue had particular significance since Jackson began his career in small venues like this and Donavon is in partnership with a new Tia Juana's location currently being built on Maui. The new Maui restaurant and bar will be the site of the Billabong Pro Maui contest party this coming December.

Watch the Billabong blog for more coverage of the concert tour as the -pass it around.'