• Dylan Wins

The Moomba Masters Wakeboard event staged last weekend in Melbourne Australia had a uniquely international flavour with a number of overseas competitors vying for their share of the $20,000 in prize money.

With the Wakeboard World Cup scheduled for Perth the following weekend, riders like Steel Lafferty, Daniel Powers, Sam Carne and Marcello Giardi made the trip.

Staged on a beautiful backdrop of the City of Melbourne and in front of over 200,000 people the wakeboard final went down to the wire with 23 riders cut down to a six man final.

Powers, Carne and Giardi all missed the final after really showing their talents through the qualifiers.

Some massive tricks were thrown down in the finals with a variety of Mobe 5's 900's and Back 7's all making the judges decisions difficult.

Reigning Moomba Masters Champ 17 year old Dylan Prideaux maintained his number 1 ranking right through to the semi finals when a couple of falls had him a chance of elimination.

The final 6 came down to Dylan, Steel Lafferty, Oliver Rennie as well as Current and Former Junior World Champs Tony Iacconni, Cory Teunissen and Bradley Teunissen.

In the end Dylan stuck an impressive pass and impressed the judges with a huge Whirly 5, Backide 720, Toeside 900 and a Hoochie to Blind in his 12 trick pass.

Commenting on his win, Dylan said 'Winning back to back Moomba Titles is a dream come true. The quality of the riders this year makes the win even sweeter. I always regarded Steel Lafferty as one of the best and I chased Daniel Powers hard last year on the tour and had to settle for 3rd place at everything. But it was the Aussie Juniors who really stepped up. We just keep pushing each other constantly to try and get on top. As a Nautique rider I get behind a 230 every day so I knew I was going to be happy with the wake which was huge for the finals. I'm now off to Perth to see if I can make it back to back Australian National Pro Titles as well, and then it's back to Orlando to do it all again'

The final scores were

Dylan Prideaux 90

Steel Lafferty 80

Tony Iacconi 72.23

Cory Teunissen 64.43

Oliver Rennie 56.63

Bradley Teunissen 46.67