We got a beautiful note from Flic to tell us about her escape from the craziness of Bondi during the holiday season...

So back in Sydney after an awesome festive season of feasting and family fun down in Margaret River, I am once again overwhelmed by the masses of humans flocking to Bondi for some liquid relief from this current heat wave. It’s only a mild 28.9 degrees outside, a far cry from the screaming 40+ degree-days back home.

With some pals in tow, I took off up the East Coast looking for a quiet little corner to call our own and find some solitude. With a lacklustre swell forecast and those pesky afternoon summer nor Easters on the horizon, my expectations weren’t all that high. Never the less I was just happy to have left the masses and find some room to move.

Beach bag packed with all the essentials, 2 boards and a beach umbrella to boot. We made our way across the scorching sand dunes to a little back beach up on the Central Coast. We heard this little spot loves the summer breeze and picks up any scrap of swell around, so our anticipation was high. Half an hour later we were greeted by a picture perfect A-frame. Needless to say the beach camp was set up in a flurry of towels and umbrellas, zinc frantically smeared across our faces and leg ropes put on in a knotted mess and we still couldn’t get out there quick enough.

After hours upon hours in the water and an all over rouge body tint to show for it, it was time to head back to the city and back to reality.

Until the next escapade…

Flic. x